Ideas for New Experiences

On this page I will be listing ideas for new experiences as they come to me. Please feel free to suggest any ideas you have in the comments section.

  1. Life drawing
  2. Cosplay at a sci-fi/comic convention
  3. Chess boxing
  4. Attend a political convention or conspiracy theory meeting
  5. Falconry
  6. Ice sculpture
  7. Zorbing
  8. Felting
  9. Take a philosophy class
  10. Do the West Coast Trail
  11. Go blonde
  12. Be an extra in a film
  13. Take a singing class
  14. Do an open mic poetry night
  15. Go vegan for a month
  16. Participate in Thrill Vancouver
  17. Acupuncture
  18. Cocktail mixing class
  19. Dine in the dark
  20. Getting involved in Volunteer Radio
  21. Color Me Rad Run
  22. Go to a shooting range
  23. Kayaking
  24. Make-up class
  25. Polar Bear Swim
  26. Participate in a Zombie Walk
  27. Attend the Festival of Chocolate
  28. Take an acting class
  29. Ice skate in Robson Square
  30. Cave tubing
  31. Belly dancing
  32. Take an etiquette/manners class
  33. Laughter yoga
  34. Go on a photography walk around the city of Vancouver
  35. Make a dress from scratch
  36. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony
  37. Enroll my dog in obedience classes
  38. Visit Central America
  39. Shadow boxing
  40. Go to a fundraising dinner
  41. Attend a Humanist meeting
  42. Ski
  43. See The Blue Man Group
  44. Wine tasting class
  45. Make a piece of jewellery
  46. Visit Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
  47. Learn how to make candles
  48. Baked bean bath
  49. Bush tucker trial
  50. Circus school
  51. Take a senior out for a meal
  52. Visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum
  53. Learn to make sushi
  54. 24 hour famine
  55. Build a birdhouse
  56. Tidy an unkempt grave
  57. Sake tasting
  58. Geo-caching

One comment

  1. You have lots of good ideas! I am sure you will have a fantastic year. Enjoy!

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